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Men’s Wedding Shoes that Break the Mold.

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May 11

If the thought of your wedding photographs bearing a striking resemblance to every other wedding photo on the internet is as painful as your bride wearing stilettos for ten hours, then you are ready to kick convention to the curb, at least a little bit. It’s easy to go overboard in an attempt to stray from the norm. This guide covers non-traditional groom shoes for popular wedding styles. It will help you incorporate your unique personality into your special day so you can stand out for the right reasons.

Traditional Wedding Shoes for Grooms

Patent leather dress shoes with a crepe sole for comfort are sure to please if your day will incorporate formal attire, sit-down dinner, and elegant decor. Oxfords and wholecuts are the most appropriate dress shoes for formal weddings. The addition of a textured crepe sole in black, gray, or golden brown is a subtle departure from the normal leather sole.

While monk strap shoes are not exactly formal, patent leather will up the formality quite a bit. Keep the upper in dark patent leather or elegant box calfskin to ensure you don’t upset the style gurus.

For a unique formal look, opt for a pair of goat suede tassel loafers in black instead of traditional velvet slippers. Burgundy or Navy are also great statement choices to take this style to another level.

Unique Shoes for Modern Wedding

Your wedding style is minimalist with monochromatic accents or high sheen metallics or geometric shapes or some tasteful combination of all three. Double monks, derby shoes, derby boots, or jodhpur boots are sleek and stylish pairs that will make your outfit look effortless. For an understated look, keep the material to smooth box calfskin or full-grain leather. You can certainly raise the bar by choosing an unusual color like gray, cognac, olive, or tan.

Men’s Beach Wedding Shoes

Planning a romantic, easy breezy day on the beach, a picturesque ocean backdrop, and a live band set to the sound of crashing waves. You’ll want beach wedding shoes that are as laid back and easy to walk with as your barefoot. Think, classic boat shoes, drivers, or sporty mocassins in any color. Since you’ll be near water, we’d recommend a good waterproof treatment so small splashes won’t concern you. Flex mocs and moc boots in suede are also great options for the occasion.

Men’s Bohemian Wedding Shoes

Hand-painted patina in any style like derby or loafers will work perfectly for a bohemian wedding. To intensify the boho look and mimic the lace, wild florals, and natural elements that characterize this wedding style. Choose a pair with brogue details like wingtip boots, wingtip shoes, single monk, or even a punched wholecut. Color options are your creative choice, however, Tan and cognac are popular choices but navy or burgundy are also stylish options. If you want to step far outside the box, go for a purple marble finish.

Rustic or Vintage Wedding Shoes for Men

If your wedding will show your love for all things old, men’s boot styles like oxford boots or multi-material, chelsea boots in mixed media will tie in with your theme wonderfully. Shoes like blucher or saddle are quintessential vintage shoe styles and you can’t go wrong in brown, black, or even burgundy. These styles are great for two-tone color combinations reminiscent of old times.

Whimsical Fantasy Wedding Shoes

Planning a magical day with pastels or bright colors taken straight out of fairytale lands, bold or bright color shoes will be a memorable finishing touch to your outfit. We love sleek shoe styles like wholecuts, oxfords, or loafers in goat suede with colors like orange, red, light blue, or green. For boots, chukka and chelsea boots will show off your colors majestically. If you don’t think you can pull off brightly colored shoes, color accents or color soles will do the trick.